Aquamarine opens your brain's awareness to its deeper truth and connectivity of multidimensional consciousness. This helps expand your understanding of the life lessons in this reincarnation. Aquamarine also creates a relaxing, soothing, and regenerating effect on the physical body.

Healing Benefits: Unwinds Tension |  Restores Youthfulness | Promotes Creativity

Chakra Benefits: Mind Chakra and Throat Chakra

Gemaceuticals™ Aquamarine Origin: Brazil and India


Aquamarine Energy Placement Rings
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Aquamarine Energy Placement Rings from $95.00
Aquamarine Mala
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Aquamarine Mala $495.00
Aquamarine Crystal Specimen
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Aquamarine Crystal Specimen from $85.00
Aquamarine Bracelet
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Aquamarine Bracelet from $125.00