Labradorite helps increase the energy of the mind and Crown Chakra while bringing balance to the lower energy centers within the body. The energy of Labradorite protects you from negative consciousnesses, people, and environments. By strengthen your aura, it shields you from this energy while increasing your sensory of it.

Healing Benefits:  Promotes Psychic Protection | Purifies Aura | Increases Wisdom

Chakra Benefits:  

All Chakras

Gemaceuticals™ Labradorite Origin:  Madagascar 


Labradorite Bracelet
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Labradorite Bracelet from $75.00
Aura Protection Mala (Onyx and Labradorite Combination)
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Aura Protection Mala $195.00
Labradorite Mala
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Labradorite Mala from $445.00
Labradorite Energy Placement Ring
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Labradorite Energy Placement Rings $65.00