Quartz is known as the master healer. It attracts life force into every cell of your being and its energy brings life into your physical body.

Healing Benefits:  Attracts Life Force | Balances Chakras

Chakra Benefits:  

All Chakras

Gemaceuticals™ Quartz Origin:  Brazil 


Quartz Energy Placement Rings
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Quartz Energy Placement Rings $39.00
Himalayan Quartz Clusters
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Himalayan Quartz Clusters from $35.00
Lemurian Quartz
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Lemurian Quartz Points from $25.00
Himalayan Lemurian Quartz
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Himalayan Lemurian Quartz from $75.00
Quartz Necklace
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Quartz Necklace $125.00
Quartz Sphere
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Quartz Sphere from $145.00
Quartz Bracelet
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Quartz Bracelet from $39.00
Precious Quartz Necklace
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Precious Quartz Necklace $495.00