Gemstone Rejuvenation

Unlike conventional necklaces that are worn only occasionally, Gemaceuticals' therapeutic gemstones are worn regularly and for extended periods. Sooner or later, depending on how frequently you cleanse your gemstones, the intensity of your healing process, the size of the spheres, and a variety of other factors, your therapeutic gemstone necklace may require restringing. When it does, you may send it to us for repair and rejuvenation.

Repair and Rejuvenation Services 

Gemaceuticals' "necklace spa" is designed to restore your hard-working therapeutic gemstones to their original vibrancy and vitality. At Gemaceuticals, we are uniquely sensitive to the needs of therapeutic gemstones. Every necklace sent to us for Repair and Rejuvenation is received with respect and care into a smoke- and odor-free environment, where it is treated to an array of special services:

Deep cleansing using methods appropriate to each gemstone
Evaluation of every bead to ensure that it has retained its therapeutic value
Replacement of any beads that are missing, broken, or have lost their therapeutic value (Bead costs vary by gemstone)
Professional restringing in the proper manner and with the proper material for each necklace
A final quality-control inspection
All repairs are re-guaranteed for 90 days upon receipt of your replenished gemstone. 

To use Gemaceuticals' Repair and Rejuvenation services, send your gemstones to:

PO Box 7124
Cotati, CA

Include this this form.

Repair cost per necklace $34.95
Gem Energy Ring $12
Gemstone Bracelet $10
Gemstone Disk $70
Gemstone mat $500
Necklaces under 90-day warranty is FREE

Repair and Rejuvenation services take 4 – 6 weeks to complete. Disks and mats may require additional time.