How to choose a therapeutic gemstone

All therapeutic grade gemstones can wield positive affects to the wearer, but which one is best to first work with?

There is no such thing as a bad choice when deciding which healing gemstone to work with. Every gemstone on this site is certified therapeutic-grade and will deeply nourish and heal your physical and subtle bodies. However, choosing the right gemstone whose energy targets your underlining condition is the most powerful and direct way to experience profound healing from gemstone energy medicine.

For many people, there is an immediate conscious draw to certain gemstones because of their color and beauty. They also might have read about gemstones healing properties, or perhaps because of an inner knowing. It is important to trust your instincts when first choosing a therapeutic gemstone, as more than often your body is communicating its needs to you on an unconscious level.

In the beginning, the world of gemstones and crystal healing can seem overwhelming. With there being so many gifts from the Earth, how do you choose the right one? To begin the process of narrowing down the right gemstone follow these steps:

1. Begin by asking yourself a few preliminary questions: What do I want most in my life right now? What do I believe is the main obstacle holding me back from achieving those things? What are my life and health goals? What is causing me most pain and discomfort?

2. Determine what dimension the goal resides in. Are its primary attributes physical, mental, emotional, karmic, or spiritual? Does it relate to specific chakra system?

3. Narrow your choices within that dimension


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