Our Story

It is our mission to provide the highest quality untreated therapeutic-grade gemstones on Earth. To that end, it has been our goal to create the strongest possible standards for therapeutic quality so that the integrity of gemstone energy medicine and crystal healing is adhered to now and for future generations.

Gemaceuticals™ has dedicated a lifetime of research providing the world’s finest therapeutic gemstones. We take extraordinary steps to ensure our gems’ therapeutic integrity. We do not subject them to hard treatments such as dyeing, waxing, polymer impregnation, or irradiation to artificially enhance their appearance.

To ensure this, whenever possible, we obtain raw specimens directly from the mines. We carefully examine each stone to ensure therapeutic quality requirements of purity, clarity and color. Once selected, we use a precision of care to shape and polish each stone, ensuring a smooth flow of the gem’s energy. This is followed by rigorous grading of the stone by our licensed Gemologist, Eranel. The result is a therapeutic gemstone tool of high-quality and potency.

Our name, Gemaceuticals™, speaks to the need of merging gemological grade education with crystal healing research. The suffix “ceuticals” is loosely derived from the late Latin word “pharmaceuticus”. To us, this means assuring that the integrity of your therapeutic grade gemstones remain pure and to the highest standards available.

Our logo resembles the Caduceus. It is a symbol for health and medicinal treatments. The seven spheres within the logo are the 7 primary Chakra systems within the human body. Therapeutic gemstones work by subtly affecting these primary systems, which, in turn, result in a physical manifestation of renewed health and well-being.

It is our belief that therapeutic gemstones are one of the most powerful energetic healing gifts Earth has given us. To that end, it is our responsibility to offer you only the highest quality, ethically sourced, chemical treatment free, therapeutic grade gemstones and crystals. They should be of the highest standards or nothing else. Gemstones are Earth’s gifts to you.

Eranel Katz,Graduate Gemologist

In 2016, Eranel Katz founded Gemaceuticals™ from his deep love for gemology, passion for crystal healing and lifetime of experience in the gemstone field. Love for gemstones, passion for healing and knowledge for connecting you to the highest quality therapeutic grade gems on Earth are our core values at Gemaceuticals™.

Upon receiving his degree as a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) from the foremost authority in Gemology, the Gemological Institute of America, Eranel realized that crystal healing was lacking scientific perspective. Moreover, he had gained insight into the amount of harsh chemical treatments that are widely existing within the gemstone industry worldwide. These treatments are both common and accepted. He knew that in order for the crystal healing community to remain true and authentic to their purpose, the veil of scientific uncertainty needed to be removed and a foundation of gemological education must be partnered with gemstone therapy.

Eranel has graded upwards of tens of thousands of gemstones. His contacts and resources for sourcing gemstones are on a global scale. Often traveling directly to the gemstone mines and wholesalers to find the highest quality therapeutic grade gemstones and also have them cut by the highest skilled artisans in the world by very specific and strict specification. His unique experience and training allows him to choose and grade gemstones by both gemological and energetic criteria. Combining these two polarities of spiritually and science, creates a standard of therapeutic value and potency rarely found anywhere else.