socially conscious business

At Gemaceuticals, it is a necessity that we ensure that the impact we create contributes to the health and sustainability of our planet. We do this by how we conduct business, our philanthropic efforts, and oversight of our supply chain. But to be a socially responsible business is only the first step of many in our goal to positively affect Mother Earth and the crystals from which she has birthed. 

••• Every gemstone tells a story •••


We have chosen India for the majority of our suppliers for a reason. Eranel traveled to India in 2015 and fell in love with the culture and spirituality which is at the heart and soul of India. A country that is the birthplace of all religion and spirituality.  It is this reason, why India is in many ways the Crown Chakra of Earth, and therefore the hub of our supply chain. 

These are a few women in India from one of our suppliers who help string some of our malas. It is important we build and keep relationships with all of our suppliers, as the energy that goes into stringing the gemstones is an integral aspect of therapeutic quality and integrity.


We make every attempt to ensure our shipping supplies is either 100% recycled material or bio-degradable. Although this may create a small impact, everything done for the betterment of Earth's health is a win and something we will continue to strive for in every step of our business and supply chain. 


All Gemaceuticals necklaces are strung with either white or black colored string called Therachord, which is an extremely strong, water resistant thread optimal for therapeutic use in high quality gemstones. 

Why don't we use colored thread in any of our necklaces?

Gemaceuticals offers only the highest quality gemstones, therefore, we only use white and black thread which honors the true quality of our gems. Unfortunately, many companies do not offer the same quality. To make their gemstone appear better, they add colored thread, which masks the lower quality gemstone by creating the illusion the crystal is a richer color than it actually is. This is a common practice in wholesale gemstones but is unacceptable when supplying therapeutic gemstones to at home users.