The Gemaceuticals Difference

Our Mission

Gemaceuticals mission is transform and rejuvenate your life with the highest quality therapeutic-grade gemstones on Earth. To that end, it has been our goal to create the strongest possible standards for therapeutic quality so the integrity of gemstone energy medicine and crystal healing is adhered to now and for future generations.

We provide therapeutic necklaces, bracelets and gemstones for at-home crystal lovers and trained holistic healthcare professionals. Each bracelet and necklace is crafted with the finest care with a lifetime of experience in jewelry and gemology. Every bead is examined for therapeutic quality and gemological criteria, leaving you with the finest therapeutic-grade gemstone.

Gemaceuticals™ Certificate of Authenticity

This certificate assures your gemstones meet Gemaceuticals™ rigorous quality standards. Gemaceuticals™ has dedicated a lifetime of research and exploration to finding and providing the world’s finest therapeutic gemstones. We take extraordinary steps to ensure our gems’ therapeutic integrity. We do not subject them to hard treatments such as dyeing, waxing, polymer impregnation, or irradiation to artificially enhance their appearance.

To ensure this, whenever possible, we obtain raw specimens directly from the Earth. We carefully examine each stone to ensure therapeutic quality requirements of purity, clarity and color. Once selected, we use a precision of care to shape and polish each stone, ensuring a smooth flow of the gem’s energy. This is followed by rigorous grading of the stone by our licensed Gemologist, Eranel. The result is a therapeutic gemstone tool of high-quality and potency.

You will receive a certificate of authenticity with all gemstones of a value $149 or greater.

gemaceuticals certificate of authenticity

Gemaceuticals™ Credentials

Our Founder, Eranel Katz, is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America based in Carlsbad, California. This is the foremost authority in Gemology. All gemstones procured by him are certified and insurable with official documentation.



What is a therapeutic gemstone?

For a gemstone to be therapeutic, it must adhere to strict gemological and energetic standards based on the seven C’s of therapeutic quality: Character, Color, Clarity, Consistency, Cut, Cleanliness, and Candescence.

  1. The Character of a gemstone describes the specific ratio of minerals that compose the whole. For example, Lapis Lazuli has a combination of primarily Pyrite, Sodalite, and Calcite that make up the rock. The ratio of these gold pyrite flecks, strong Sodalite content, and minimal calcite, is what determines a higher quality Lapis.
  2. The Color of a gemstone is often the primary gemological and energetic grading criteria of a gemstone. This is due to a measured ratio of minerals that form the ideal tone and saturation of a gemstone. For example, Amethyst’s ideal is a purple tone with medium to medium dark saturation.
  3. The Clarity of a gemstone and its requirements vary greatly between different gemstone families. Clarity means the level of fractures, blemishes, inclusions, cracks, cloudiness, or overall internal or external flaws within the gemstones. For example.
  4. A gemstone’s Consistency is the measure of therapeutic grade gemstones over the mass of the entire necklace or bracelet. For some gemstones, each bead needs to be near identical in quality and nature, while others, Agate for example, thrives on a mix of Agate earth tone colors.
  5. The Cut of a gemstone is based on the specific calibration of a perfect sphere, roundel bead, or drill hole. Each bead should be consistent with no flat edges, nicks, and blemishes.
  6. One of the most important requirements of a therapeutic gemstone is its Cleanliness. A therapeutic gemstone must not contain treatments such as dyes, irradiation, or chemical treatments which falsely enhance the look and quality of the gemstones. A therapeutic gemstone must also be natural, NOT man-made. Most Citrine on the market is actually heated low quality Amethyst. Lapis Lazuli is often dyed.
  7. Candescence is the optical phenomena where a gemstone shows a quality so pure it resembles a drop of liquid light. Gemstones of high enough quality can sometimes display candescence.
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