Gemaceuticals™ Welcoming Contemplation

After you receive your gemstones, it’s very important to properly welcome the necklace, bracelet, or stone into your energy field and set a conscious programmable intention between you and your new crystal.

Crystals are a living aspect of Earth and the Universe. They are a part of us in mineral, matter, and energy frequency, and thus must be welcomed to their new wearer with precision, love, and care.

However, it is important to understand that gemstones do not speak the same language as humans, nor do they exist and function in the same manner as we do. Therefore, the connection must be made on an energetic and emotional level, not just with words. For this reason, we recommend programming your gemstone.

How to connect with your gemstone

Find a quiet place where you feel comfortable and safe. Sit in a meditation position and begin taking deep breaths. For each breath think of one thing weighing heavily on your heart and mind that you would like to let go of.

Breathe deeply in and out three to five times.  Release all built up tension and give yourself permission to relax.
Begin by omitting a feeling of gratitude to the Universe by being grateful for as many things as you can think of in this moment. It is in this emotion that the Universe and these therapeutic gemstones react the most positively.  Gratitude and unconditional love are doorways to your dimensional body that the crystal energy can pierce through. Gratitude has a unique emotional frequency that the Universe understands. It is the foundation setting for your gemstone intentions.  You are not asking, you are not demanding, you are not even praying; rather, you are so grateful for every tiny aspect of your life that the Universe knows only to give you a deeper level of healing, awakening, and abundance.

While holding your gemstone in the palm of your hand and sitting in a meditative position become grateful to the part of Earth that you are holding.  This gemstone is a piece of Gaia that can energetically assist you in this life.

As you take in the energy of your gemstone and welcome it to your heart center, take a deep breath and inhale the prana energy. Imagine your breath moving the life force energy from the crystal into every cell of your body like a beam of light.

Now, set an intention by imagining and feeling the specific energy and purpose of the gemstone in your hand.  Let its frequency resonate deeply within your auric field, like a tuning fork, vibrating its healing into every cell of your body.  Take a deep breath and exhale. Your energy has been programmed to your crystal. You are now able to more fully experience the healing benefits and powerful effects of your therapeutic gemstone.