Apatite Rough

 Strengthen Immune System | Increase Viral Defense

Raw Apatite crystals are the ideal crystal healing tool to increase your body's energetic defense against viruses. Apatite rough is known to help you fight against viruses as well as assist the body in rapid healing when sick with viral infections.   

Gemstones included:
Two Apatite Rough Crystals 

Size Guide

Apatite | PHYSICAL BODY nourishment and nutrient absorption

  • Apatite helps heal the karmic patterns between diet and our mind's relationship with food. Apatite also strengthens the skeletal system, which creates an overall structure and support for the body.

    Healing Benefits: Improves Nutrient Absorption |  Supports Bone Health | Breaks Karmic Patterns

    Chakra Benefits: Third Eye Chakra