Carnelian Rough

Balances Sexual Hormones |  Promotes Creativity | Strengthens the Sacral Chakra

Carnelian energizes the physical body increasing the strong enlivening energy throughout the Sacral Chakra.

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CARNELIAN | enlivening your sacral energy

  • Carnelian is the carrier of the orange color ray and energizes the physical body, promoting a strong enlivening energy throughout the sacral chakra. This increased flow of energy through the sacral chakra helps new levels of creativity, joy, and zest for life. As the sacral chakra becomes empowered, energy flows upward to the mind and higher consciousness, stimulating greater insight into the lessons of living on this planet. Carnelians’ energy has strong healing and relaxing effect on the cellular ecosystem of the body. By enlivening the body’s cell with the orange color ray, physical illness dissipates, and the body is left feeling healthy and invigorated.

    Benefits of Wearing Carnelian

    • Empowers and strengthens the sacral chakra
    • Balances your emotional body
    • Supports mental clarity and focus
    • Nourishes the physical and subtle bodies with the orange color ray
    • Enlivens the body’s cells, particularly in the lymphatic and immune system
    • Promotes creativity and enthusiasm for life
    • Supports the bodies ability to detoxify and eliminate toxins naturally
    • Balance healthy sexual hormones
    • Improve functions of the endocrine system

    Chakra Benefits: Sacral Chakra

    The moment Carnelian enters your auric field, its energy moves directly to your sacral chakra and becomes distributed through the rest of your body through your blood and lymphatic system. Carnelian's powerful enlivening effect on the sacral chakra empowers the cells of your body as they become programmed with its vitalizing energy. Once the cells reach an apex of nourishment from Carnelian's energy, they become soothed and relaxed, allowing your cells to reset to their original blueprint of optimal health and renewed vitality.

    Carnelian has a similar effect on your emotions as it does your physical body. Carnelians energy calms and balances your emotional body allowing it to express feelings with greater ease and clarity. Instead of vitalizing and strengthening your emotions, which it does for your physical body, it calms and balances your emotions, ridding, and dissolving negative feelings that interfere with a balanced and enlivened emotional body.

    Color ray deficiencies manifest in the body differently depending on the color ray and the individual's condition of health. If you have an orange color ray deficiency, you are likely to experience suppressed immune functions and a weakened lymphatic and endocrine system. The lymphatic system supports the body's immune system by transporting white blood cells throughout your body, as well as helping to get rid of waste and toxins. The endocrine system helps regulate hormones involving sleep, sexual function, and metabolism, among others. It is no wonder Carnelian has such a powerful effect on the endocrine system, since its functions are naturally supported by the sacral chakra.

    As Carnelians energy moves between the sacral and crown chakra, it gives vitalizing energy to the crown, fostering greater passion and enthusiasm towards one's life purpose. Although we are multidimensional beings, Carnelian's energy helps localize your higher consciousness mission in this world. It vitalizes the body's health so that you can experience and accomplish your life's purpose with pleasure and enthusiasm.

    Symbiotic Gemstones

    Carnelian is best worn with gemstones that align with its mission. However, it can be combined with many gemstones for therapies and daily wear.

    Color Ray

    Carnelian is the carrier of the Orange color ray. Gemaceuticals is proud to offer the highest representation of the orange color ray expressed in our Precious Carnelian necklaces.

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