Himalayan Quartz Clusters

Attracts Life Force | Balances Chakras | Supports Overall Health

Quartz is known as the master healer as it manifests life force into every cell of your being. This life force is programable based on the energetic needs of the body and its overall health and flows where the the imbalance is greatest, this is also true if there is an emotional or mental imbalance. Like a tuning form, Quartz will help draw life force until the frequency of the physical and subtle bodies are at point of balance where the energy is no longer needed. When this happens, the energy is moved to the crown chakra, creating a powerful link between the physical body and higher consciousness. 

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Quartz | manifesting universal lifeforce

  • Quartz is one of the most powerful gemstones to have in your toolbox. Quartz itself and in spherical form has many energetic effects, both physically and multidimensionally. Quartz clusters, however, contain energetic characteristics specifically unique to them.

    Unlike a therapeutic quality necklace, bracelet, or single stone focusing its energy on one person, Quartz clusters can imbue and cleanse the energy of one's home, room, and environment. It does this in a few ways; first, by each crystal growth on the cluster sending waves of life force energy throughout the space. Second, once you place a gemstone on top of the cluster, you are amplifying and emoting the energy of the gemstone, imbuing the specific healing vibration of it into the surrounding space. Quartz clusters are powerful and beautiful tools to use in combination with your current crystal healing and gemstone therapies.

    When one desires the healing benefits and energetic nourishment of their gemstone but wants to give their body a rest from wearing it, placing it on your Quartz cluster during the day or night is ideal. The gemstone you lay on the cluster will emanate its vibrational program throughout your space. This is also ideal if you run a healing practice or want others in your home to experience the subtle but powerful healing energies of your therapeutic gemstones without needing to wear them.

    Healing Benefits:  Attracts Life Force | Balances Chakras

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