Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Supports Healthy Emotional Patterns | Helps to Express Your True Spiritual Nature

The energy of Rhodochrosite assists with eliminating negative karmic patterns and emotional blockages while rebuilding healthier ones. Rhodochrosite allows you to be closer to your true nature, experiencing greater self-confidence, and obtain renewed inspiration and vitality for life.

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Rhodochrosite | Creating Karmic freedom

  • The energy of Rhodochrosite assists with eliminating negative karmic patterns and emotional blockages while building healthier ones. By acting like a magnetic storm to the energetic subtle and causal bodies, Rhodochrosite creates a powerful movement of energy that removes negative clutter and psychic ties that cause harmful karmic patterns. Once the karmic patterns are resolved, you become closer to your true nature, experiencing greater self-confidence, renewed inspiration, and vitality for life.

    Chakra Benefits:  Heart Chakra

    When to use Rhodochrosite

    You are experiencing:

    • Negative emotional patterns that interfere with your joy and inner peace
    • Low self-esteem and confidence
    • Unhealthy habits affecting your physical health
    • Emotional clutter
    • Unwanted negative patterns associated with past and current relationships

    You want to:

    • Enjoy greater self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Eliminate negative karmic patterns
    • Create new healthy emotional patterns
    • Find greater, long-lasting relationships
    • Express your true spiritual nature to the world

    Therapeutic Use of Rhodochrosite

    During the initial phase of using your necklace, keep it within your aura field for at least 24 to 72 hours. Wear the jewelry during the day and place it by your bed at night when you sleep. This allows the energies radiating from each gem to penetrate your energy field, unwinding emotional clutter and disintegrating negative karma, untangling unwanted emotional patterns, and clearing energetic blockages.

    Gemaceutical's Rhodochrosite pieces are heirloom pieces, and each delicate stone emits strong healing energy that works quickly. Pay attention to your aura and energy field and pause your use of the piece when you feel your energy patterns have corrected themselves, and your emotional balance has been restored. After the initial phase, use the Rhodochrosite as needed, generally for no more than a few hours each day.

    If you have a specific energy pattern you would like to apply towards, you can direct the Rhodochrosite by mentally stating your intention and the reason you are using the jewelry.

    With continued use of the Rhodochrosite piece, you will notice your self-esteem and self-confidence increase. Negative and conflicting energy patterns resolve themselves in both the physical and subtle bodies.